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Letter from Matt Hune

Hune Company is an experimental performance company that is passionate about developing new, exciting, and fearless work. It is my goal to produce a body of original work that provides creative opportunities for our community to dwell, grow, and debate current issues of great force. Our work is now. Our work is progressive.

300 years ago, a nation's wealth was measured in its raw materials - land, water, lumber, etc. Then the Industrial Revolution allowed nations to become rich through commerce. Today, our economies are based on ideas and culture. Communities that do not promote creativity, innovation, and the arts will be left behind. 

The truth is arts funding is rapidly diminishing and many wonderful companies are scraping by with extremely minimal budgets. That means it is up to us, the citizens of our community, to take a stance and help fund OUR art. 

When you choose to support Hune Company, you are taking a stance and saying that you value performances that are new, innovative, progressive, of the highest quality, and not afraid to take risks. If that doesn't sound like something you would like to support, that's fine, but I highly encourage you to give to another small to mid-sized arts organization that you love so that the arts can flourish in our community.

If Hune Company matters to you and you have the means, I invite you to click the donate button to contribute a tax-deductible donation now. What might seem like pocket change to you, is a big gift for us.

Thank you for your interest in this company and I look forward to seeing you at a show!

-Matt Hune


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