Season One

The Living Room Series

Come over to our living room and experience some game-changing theatre. This is as intimate as theatre gets.

What is the Living Room Series?

The Living Room Series is a series of plays performed in a living room. It is a place where new plays are developed and performed. It is maybe one of the smallest theatre spaces you have ever visited.

This series aims to keep budgets low, space small, and imaginations high, providing an exciting challenge for artists. Some of Houston’s most innovative and talented artists are part of this series ensuring the quality of this valuable work in a modest space.

The Living Room also offers audiences a unique experience in that a small group of about 20 people attends each evening’s performance. Free beer, wine, and other beverages are served before and after the shows, encouraging people to talk to each other and hang out. The Living Room is more than just a theatre, it’s a place where people connect.

Why the Living Room?

The aim is to make the performing arts as accessible as possible. In the time of streaming media and entertainment, when we can watch just about anything we want whenever we want in the comfort of our own homes, many of us forgo seeing a play for the next episode of our favorite show on Netflix. Hune Company is interested in the alternative effects of theatre, other than submissive entertainment, because we can sit and watch really amazing shows at home without spending much of anything.

To us, theatre is more about the communal aspect than anything else. There is a magnetic power to a story when the storytellers are live in the room with a group of hungry observers. More than observers - participants. When we watch a live performance in the same small room as the actors, we automatically become active participants in the telling of that particular story on that particular night. Making this all happen in the confined comfort of a living room makes everyone in the room part of the story. It makes it accessible. 

Theatre is a communal practice. At its core is the definition of “local.”  It brings people together in one location to share experiences that inspire a community to relate with each other and grow. We aim to make the Living Room Series a place where artists and audiences express themselves and explore their identity as a community. We hope for it to serve as a tiny town hall; a place in which people can gather and debate current issues through great art. And also a place where people can gather and have a great time.


COLLABORATION – We seek to collaborate with artists of different mediums to devise interdisciplinary work that is for the people.

IMAGINATION –Every performance will pursue to be a highly imaginative experience for all audience members and artists involved. We want to experiment with the way theatre is created and presented so that it will be entertaining in the most profound sense.

DIVERSITY – We are dedicated to creating and nourishing a diverse environment. The shows presented will reflect the diversity and richness of Houston and our nation’s society and history.

QUALITY – In order for our mission and values to succeed, we understand that the quality of our programming must be of the highest caliber.

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The 2015 Living Room Series is generously sponsored by
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